Do you require proof of vaccination to visit?
No, as an outdoor attraction, no proof of vaccination is required at this time. All safety protocols will be followed at the farm including social distancing and masks where required.

Is Fear Farm open Sundays?

Yes, Fear Farm is open Sundays 7pm-10pm all season.

When can I enter the farm?

The farm Opens at 7pm and closes at different times depending on the evening. You can arrive anytime from 6:30 onwards. HOWEVER it’s up to you to get into haunts before we close on any night. Do not come 30 minutes before we close an expect to get into all haunts. How busy it is depends on the weather and time of year. Come ready to spend an evening here.

Is smoking/vaping allowed on the farm?

No smoking or vaping on the farm, anywhere whatsoever.

Do you meet the current capacity guidelines?

Yes, we are operating well below Government Capacity for outdoor attractions, HOWEVER that does not mean that it will not possibly feel busy to you.

How do I book a campfire?

VIP campfires, cannot be booked separately you need to book all together for 1 booking, tickets are per-person. No guests can visit your campfire if they do not have the VIP pass. Arrive at 7pm for you campfire. VIP experiences and campfires end 30minutes before Fear Farm closes every night.

Do I need a ticket just to enter?

YES. Everyone needs a ticket to enter the farm, you cannot enter the farm for free if you do not want to go into attractions.

Will the actors touch you?

No, actors will not touch you and you are not allowed to touch them.

Are you open rain or shine?

YES We usually stay open even if it rains.  If we do have to close due to weather for the safety of guests & actors, we will post the notice on our social pages, and send an email to those who purchased a ticket for that night.

What age is Fear Farm recommended for?
Fear Farm’s intended audience is 16 and up, ultimately bringing younger guests is up to you, but be prepared to be scared. 
It is a very dark and terrifying haunted farm and we highly recommend supervision for anyone under 18 who is attending. Again ultimately, the decision is up to you.  
No one 8 or under will be admitted. 

What Time Does the Farm Close?

Fear Farm, all haunts & food areas close at time listed on ticket and online, later closing times on peak nights, check calendar for exact time Fear Farm closes on the night you are visiting. How many haunts you make it through is up to you. Come earlier on busy nights.

Can I attend if I am pregnant?

Sorry, no, pregnant women should not attend Fear Farm. This event is dark, with uneven ground, bumpy rides and surprises and scares at ever corner. Please visit us next year.

What is the Refund Policy?

Our refund policy is much like buying a concert or movie ticket. There are no refunds. We have a limited number of spots for certain nights. Please carefully select the desired date you would like to come. If we close due to unsafe weather conditions we will post it on our Social pages and send an email to those who purchased passes for that night. There will be no refunds for being too scared or frightened.

Do you use strobe lights?

Yes, we use strobe lights and light effects. very dark areas with low light. fog machines and loud noises.

What should I bring or wear?
Guests should wear good footwear, no heels or sandals. Fear Farm is an outdoor event with uneven ground. Dress for the weather.
NO large backpacks or purses are allowed on the farm. No costumes or masks allowed. Clearly no alcohol, drugs or smoking permitted on the farm.

Fear Farm (Snyder’s Family Farm Inc.) reserves the right to refuse entrance to any customer at any time for any reason.
Guests will voluntarily assume all risks and dangers associated with this attraction, and agrees to release the operator(s), affiliates, directors, employees from any or all liability, harm, injury or death, cost or expense whatsoever that may arise directly or indirectly from attending the event.
THIS IS AN OUTDOOR EVENT IN THE DARK, please wear appropriate footwear and clothing (no sandals or high heels). This event includes, uneven walking surfaces, low light, complete dark, lighting and sound effects and disturbances, in a physically demanding environment.
You should not participate if you are, including but not limited to: pregnant, are prone to seizures, have heart or back issues.
Fear Farm regulations are strictly enforced by security and law enforcement. Fear Farm reserves the right to refuse any patron at anytime for inappropriate behaviour or carrying of items into the farm or any reason at all. No refunds.