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Out back in the swamp woods, Hillbillies rule the world, and they're none too fond of visitors. When the chainsaws start, you best get moving.

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One way in, one way out, and so much horror between. Don't make any noise, if Dr. Hiller finds you, it'll be your new home.

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Take the dark and winding hayride through corn fields and forests, back in time to witness unspeakable horrors and creatures of the past.

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It started as a harmless experiment, then they took over. See if you can make it through the abandoned research centre alive...

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Clowns are no laughing matter, especially after the show. Think you're brave enough to survive the crooked, crazy Carnies?

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You never know what you'll find wandering through the pitch black corn field... better keep your wits about you, and whatever you do, don't get lost.